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About Jackie and Linh...

Jackie almost can't remember a time when she didn't dream of opening her own restaurant. She inherited her love of food from her mother and grandmother, who had to provide for large families. From a young age, Jackie could throw together one of her mother's recipes without even being shown, and later developed a palette so keen she could name the most subtle flavors in many a restaurant dish. She was a natural. In 2008, Jackie finally got her chance to invest that talent in a Vietnamese sandwich shop in San Bernardino. 


While Jackie loves to cook, to play with ingredients and put her own touches on meals she learned from her two best teachers, it is Linh, Jackie's righthand and the business's co-owner, who bakes the baguettes. She once worked in Silicon Valley peering through a microscope to solder thousands of needles on probe cards. Patience in such high tech work was a must, and patience mixed with passion is what Linh enjoys now as she rolls and kneads and brings to perfection the bread she and Jackie have made so irresistible.

Jackie (left) and Linh look forward to serving you.

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